The Benefits of “Benefits”

The Benefits of “Benefits”

Many people in Canada have access to health insurance, in one way or another. Whether you have an employee benefit plan or purchase coverage through a third-party provider, chances are, you are not taking full advantage of all health and wellness services available to you.

It’s true, some plans only cover the basics, such as dental care and prescriptions. Don’t just assume you only have basic coverage though. Take a close look at your plan…even lower-level health plans often include additional services like massage or chiropractics in some amount.

As the pace of our society and work lives continues to increase, our stress levels are on the rise. High employee stress can lead to low worker retention and decreased productivity. Massage Therapy is an excellent way to treat high stress levels – in a natural way that does not depend on the use of prescription medication.

Massage therapy and chiropractic care can also relieve pain from repetitive strain or workplace injuries, that can shorten your career or cause extended leaves of absence. While some cases may not present in such an extreme way, a more comfortable and less stressed employee is almost always more productive.

At Brant Hands on Health, we believe both chiropractic care and massage therapy are incredibly powerful tools for a healthy mind and body. You don’t need to wait for symptoms, pain or stress to be present. Book an appointment and start the process of maintaining your best health, today. Do yourself and your boss a favor and get the most out of your benefit plan with Brant Hands on Health.

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